About StuffieStuff

StuffieStuff is an online store selling products by stuffies for stuffies, well with a little human help. The head honcho at StuffieStuff is TourGuideTed and this was all his idea, having found it so hard for travel teds like him to get travel outfits. Similarly, travel destinations rarely sell items for the smaller visitor (particularly the much smaller visitor) so we hope to rectify that. 

TGT appointed me, Stuffie Bear (I'm the bear in the logo) to be CEO of the store. This is a new venture for us - we have sold some t-shirts and the like online but this is my big chance to hit the big time - with your help.

The human PA is Di Gorton. We try to keep her in the background as much as possible - you travel teds will know what I mean - humans can really cramp our style. 

We hope you'll enjoy our stuffie store. If you can't find what you want, drop us an email, we'll see if we can help. 

Stuffie Bear (assisted by Di Gorton)